Kentyn Reynolds, Website Design/Maintenance, SEO, Media Production

Kentyn Reynolds

Kentyn started designing graphically intensive applications slightly before the Apple II came out. Ever since this fascinating moment in time he has either been building high-end media publishing tools, filming the world, writing music, or designing and publishing websites. Currently, Kentyn is CEO/CTO of Connected Hospitality and guides the design and marketing efforts for hotels in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Kentyn started his work on the west coast for BroadVision as a teacher, writer and consultant for clients located world-wide. From here he joined ClickAction/Yesmail as CTO and guided the development of numerous enterprise software products. Early in 2001 Kentyn founded Connected Hospitality and applied his artistic and technological skills to the development of websites that employ the latest trends in media production, analtyics, social media, information architecture and user interface.